Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What company runs the website I am purchasing from?
The website is created and hosted by Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS). It was created in partnership, and by request, with the education institution you will be attending. The website is specific to your school.
Who is providing my equipment purchased from this website?
Paragon Development Systems, Inc. will supply and ship your equipment. Your educational institution has partnered with PDS to be the sole supplier of the equipment they are offering to students.
Who do I contact for order status updates?
Orders take 30 business days from the day you place your order to process and deliver. Please allow for the standard lead time of 30 business days from the day you place your order before requesting updates on your orders. If, after 30 business days, you have specific questions related to order status, please contact the PDS Service Desk at 877-737-7211 during regular business hours.
Is this website secure for submitting my personal and credit card information?
Yes, all orders on the special purchase website use 128 bit HTTPS secure transmission of all sensitive data. This is the industry standard. Further verification can be seen by seeing "HTTPS" in the browser's address bar. You may also click on the logo in the lower left of the special purchase website to verify our certificate.
Why is there a limited selection of equipment? Why can't I order products not displayed or additional quantities?
Your educational institution has identified and approved specific equipment to provide you with an option for the computing tools you may need for the school year. The equipment offered is specific to your school, but some options may be available at other retail outlets. Due to the nature of the website and type of purchase, only single quantities are able to be ordered.
Will you match prices? How do I know I'm getting the best price?
Prices on this website have been negotiated with your educational institution to provide you the best price, value, and support for your money. Because of this, prices are non-negotiable. You may find similar products elsewhere, but the products offered through this website may have exclusive features such as upgrades in memory or storage, extended warranty coverage, etc. You will generally not find an equal system to the system(s) offered through the special purchase website.
Why is UPS Ground the only shipping option? I need it faster!
Due to the lowest cost being provided and the advance notice given to purchase prior to the start of the school year, UPS Ground is offered as the best solution with the lowest overall cost.
Why does it take so long to get my computer and options? Where's my order?
Due to the nature of this student program, all systems are configured-to-order to meet the specifications of Marquette University. Please note the timeframe stated on the website and your order confirmation email for when your order is to be delivered. Your order may come in multiple shipments, with any accessories usually arriving first. Your credit card will be charged once your items ship. Multiple shipments will not result in an increase of your shipping charges or order total. If your order has not arrived by the specified timeframe, please use the contact information stated in, "Who do I contact...?" below.
What are the forms of payment I can use? Who processes the payment?
Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted on the website and are subject to a 3% convenience fee that will be added to your order total. Immediately prior to your items being shipped, your credit card will indicate a charge from "Paragon Development Systems, Inc." Sorry, but leasing, personal checks, money orders, cash, financing or other forms of payment or terms other than credit card are not offered and cannot be accepted as payment.
Who do I contact with questions about ordering or to report a problem with the website?
For specific questions not answered by the information provided on the website or in this FAQ, please contact the PDS Service Desk at 877-737-7211 during regular business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST, Monday – Friday; excluding holidays). During non-business hours, please email your issue to the PDS Service Desk at You will receive a response as soon as possible during regular business hours.
I don't want to submit my credit card on the website. How do I place my order and who do I contact?
If your school has provided the option for a "credit card phone order," you can select that option and submit your order through the website without entering your credit card information. This will place the order on hold. You may then contact the PDS Service Desk at 877-737-7211 during normal business hours, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday to have a PDS sales person call you to collect your credit card information.
What are the return guidelines?
All product returns require prior approval by PDS in the form of a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). PDS will not accept any product for return without an RMA. Any items received without an RMA will be returned to you at your expense. Once the RMA is granted, returned product will only be accepted provided the following criteria are met: product must be fully factory sealed (in fully resalable condition as determined by PDS) or product must be defective or dead on arrival (DOA). Product returns must occur within 30 days of the PDS invoice date and the product must have been purchased from PDS. If returning product for a refund/credit, PDS reserves the right to charge (up to) a 30% restocking fee.